Windsor Housing Authority expands affordable housing apartment complex

Town officials and community members gathered on a sunny, fall day to celebrate the grand opening of the second phase of Windsor Meadows, a Windsor Housing Authority (WHA) affordable housing complex.

“Today is an exciting day,” rang out Mayor Kristie Melendez. “The town recognizes that the provision of safe, decent and affordable housing for low-income households is a complex challenge that should be addressed by the entire community. 

“All Windsor citizens deserve a great and exciting future, and this development shows a commitment to that.”

Windsor Meadows Phase Two provides 36 additional units to the affordable housing complex on north 15th Street, bringing the total to 80 available units for individuals and families who live and/or work in Windsor and meet eligibility and income requirements.

“We provide affordable housing for different segments of society, like young families, seniors and the disabled,” said Bill Voegtli, WHA chairman. “We provide people a chance to have good and reasonable housing.”

While WHA was established in 1974, the Town Board has made a concerted effort to assist WHA efforts in the last 10 years. Town Board adopted economic incentives for workforce housing in 2004. Additionally, the Town Board allocated a $1.1 million Private Activity Bond (PAB), available through Colorado’s Division of Housing, in 2015 to the Windsor Meadows Phase Two project.  

“While Windsor Meadows Phase Two is a step in the right direction, the journey is not over,” Melendez said. “Windsor’s explosive growth and appreciation in housing prices left a void in our community. There are still needs to be met and the Town Board is committed and willing to invest in other affordable housing projects for our future.

Windsor Meadows caters to families and individuals who work in Windsor that meet income and eligibility requirements. In addition to one, two and three-bedroom units, the complex also includes a community building, playground, and sustainable features, like solar panels.

For more information on the Windsor Housing Authority and affordable housing in Windsor, visit the Windsor Housing Authority website or call 970-686-5576.

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