15th and Walnut Proposed Master Plan   
The proposed Master Plan for 15th & Walnut Street will be open for comment until April 29th, which will then be presented to Parks, Recreation and Culture Board on May 3rd, 2016, 7:00 PM at the Community Recreation Center. Residents are welcome to attend this meeting and comment publicly. 

On April 5th, the Town of Windsor hosted a public meeting to receive comment on site improvements to the lot at 15th and Walnut Street. The following is a general summary of the direction of the design consultant, The Birdsall Group, regarding site improvements which includes:

  • Tree-lined street
  • Walking path through site
  • Benches along Walnut Street for bollard lighting
  • Demonstration area for various types of drought hardy grasses, maintained at 4" or less
  • Waste receptacles and dog bag dispensers
Note: A playground and shelter were not included due to the close proximity to Covenant Park, which already meets playground needs for the neighborhood. Restrooms will not be installed.

For inquiries on this project, please contact Wade Willis:

For further information contact the Parks and Open Space Manager.