Budget preparation begins in May with the review of the Capital Budget and revenue estimates for the next fiscal year.  Meetings follow with Department Heads, Town Manager, Town Board, and Advisory Boards to determine operational budgets. The Town Board then meets in an October work session. Then a public hearing and final adoption is scheduled for late November.  The budget fiscal year is the same as the calendar year.


2017 Budget

2017 Budget Brief (1.0 MB)       2017 Budget Brief - printable version (933 KB) 
2017 COMPLETE BUDGET w/Appendix  Very Large File (13.9 MB)
Cover, Location Map, Table of Contents (1.4 MB)
Communications, Budget Message, Profile, Goals, Budget Process (pp 1-30, 2.2 MB)
Policies (pp 31-34, 386 KB)
Operations, Structure, Dept. Overviews, Organizational Chart, Staffing (pp 35-96, 3.2 MB)
  Financial Plan, Structure, Basis of Accounting/Budgeting (pp 97-102, 1.2 MB)   
2017 Budget
Historical Budgets
Dated information for historical reference only 

2016 Budget (9.5 MB)

2016 Budget

2015 Budget (12.1 MB)

2015 Budget

2014 Budget (10.6 MB)

2014 Budget.jpg

2013 Budget (7.2 MB)

2013 Budget

2012 Budget (6.9 MB)

2012 Budget