Downtown Development Authority


The Windsor Downtown Development Authority Board is the governing body for the DDA and is appointed by the Windsor Town Board.  The DDA Board will approve a Plan of Development, the authority’s annual budget and will undertake approved improvements to property within the District. For more information about the Downtown Development Authority, please visit their website.

Façade Improvement Program

The Façade Improvement Program is designed to assist property and business owners, within the DDA boundary, in the renovation of building facades. Explanation of the program and policies can be found here: Façade Improvement Policies. To apply, please visit: Façade Improvement Application.


  • Third Wednesday of each month 
  • 7:30 am
  • Town Hall
    301 Walnut St.
    Windsor, CO  80550

Agendas & Minutes

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Plan of Development
2014 Work Plan
DDA Strategic Action Plan
Historic Mill Feasibility Study


Term Expiration
Dean Koehler       (970) 214-4495 July 2013 April 2017
Craig Petersen, Sec. / Treasurer (970) 330-2902  March 2011   April 2018
Sean Pike     (970) 686-8473    March 2016 April 2020
Cristin Peratt (970) 214-5682 March 2016 April 2020
Dan Stauss, Vice-Chair  (970) 674-0744  March 2011   April 2018 
Bob Winter, Chair  (970) 686-2037 March 2013   April 2017
Kristie Melendez, Town Board Liaison (970) 215-5495 April 2010 April 2018

Contact the DDA at:

Windsor Downtown Development Authority
P.O. Box 381
Windsor, CO  80550