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Bid Title: RFP For Transportation Master Plan Services
Category: Professional Services
Status: Closed


The Town of Windsor (“Town”) is soliciting proposals from qualified transportation planning consulting firms to enter into a Professional Services Agreement to create a transportation master plan for the Town.

Building on the recently completed 2017 Roadway Improvement Plan, the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) will provide a holistic long-term transportation vision for the Town of Windsor and serve as a guiding document for improvements to local and regional roads and multimodal transportation networks. The Town’s goals for the TMP are to be more strategic with existing and future investments in the transportation network and improve mobility, access and utilization in a way that is safe and convenient while minimizing auto congestion and associated impacts. The TMP will also recognize evolving technology and future trends in transportation systems and service delivery.

The Transportation Goals of the Town’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan include, “Develop a multi-modal transportation system that accommodates new and existing development, provides safe and efficient access for all ages and abilities, and promotes public health and quality of life.”  The Town’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan also includes several goals and policies to support, facilitate and prioritize multiple modes of transportation, including walking and bicycling.

Having a well-planned and coordinated transportation network is vital to the long term fiscal health of the Town and ensures the continued viability of its small town character. Promoting and planning for appropriate ways to connect the local and regional transportation system, with future technologies in mind, further advances these goals.

The TMP will help address the challenges of facilitating mobility and access in a strategic manner, within the reasonable fiscal constraints of the Town’s budget and limited state and federal funding, and in a way that is responsive to anticipated demographic changes. The TMP will be coordinated with regional plans and investments, and will provide equitability and support for all segments of the community. With influence from the Town’s comprehensive plan and other guiding documents, the TMP will outline the Town’s vision for its ultimate transportation system, the policies to support that system, and capital projects that are prioritized with consideration of funding constraints.

The Town is seeking a consultant to assist with the development of its first comprehensive transportation plan. Respondents to this RFP are requested to prepare a detailed description of proposed services and how they would approach both the process and the final product of the TMP. The selected consultant will be required to provide the services necessary to manage the process, including the public process (with Town involvement), and produce the deliverables requested herein.

The Town expects that the consultant team will include expertise in transportation planning, knowledge of regional transportation and funding systems, experience with traffic and/or transportation engineering, as well as public outreach, engagement, graphic design and facilitation skills including technology. The selected consultant team will be expected to conduct research and analysis, propose policy and transportation system improvements, assist with public meetings and public input sessions, prepare graphics to demonstrate issues and needs, and support the prioritization of recommendations for short and long term transportation and transit projects.

Town staff, along with the consultant, will help coordinate and facilitate community engagement efforts with stakeholders including Town Board, Planning Commission, Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Board, businesses, residents, schools and the three local school districts, regional partners such as Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Larimer and Weld counties, Poudre Trail Authority, Great Western Trail Authority, and others. Staff will provide guidance on the development of the outreach plan and can assist with coordination of engagement efforts if necessary.

The process and final recommendations should take into account the transportation factors or issues that are of importance to the Town of Windsor such as:

  • Windsor’s community/small town character
  • Neighborhood traffic management and safety
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety, including safe routes to schools
  • Implementation of Windsor’s Complete Streets Guide
  • Neighborhood and Town-wide connectivity
  • Trail connectivity and Trails Master Plan implementation action steps
  • Reducing/managing transportation demand and single occupancy vehicle use
  • Alternate modes of transportation including walking, bicycling and transit
  • Regional travel and transportation systems
  • Regional land use and growth projections, and traffic resulting from growth within and outside Town
  • Livable communities, and the nexus between land use, housing, and transportation
  • Adequate infrastructure and access for business and employment centers
  • Equity and access for aging, disabled and low-income populations
  • Sustainability and environmental impacts
  • First and last mile transit connections
  • Impacts to emergency response.

Publication Date/Time:
1/8/2019 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
1/30/2019 2:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Scott Ballstadt, Director of Planning, 301 Walnut Street, Windsor, CO 80550
Contact Person:
Scott Ballstadt, Director of Planning
Town of Windsor
301 Walnut Street
Windsor, Colorado 80550
Share a description of any previous similar work completed within the past five years. Include a name, telephone number and email address of the agencies’ project manager for each project listed and describe the firm’s role with the projects listed. Demonstrate the firm’s ability to control costs, meet schedules and deadlines and provide quality work based on these past projects.

Provide examples of completed transportation plans with a description of the process used to develop the documents.

Share any unique or special knowledge or experience as it relates to the project.

Please provide three (3) client references relevant to the scope of services listen herein. Include names, titles, current email addresses and telephone numbers.

Special Requirements:
Fee Proposal

Provide a breakdown of costs including all insurance, labor and incidentals required to complete the work.

If elements of the proposal are expected to exceed budget, provide details about how the project may be scaled or scoped to remain within budget and/or the cost estimates for elements outside the proposed budget.

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