Organic Yard Waste Rebate Program

Windsor Water Utility customers have the option of recycling organic yard waste with businesses such as A1 Organics in Eaton or Hageman's in Fort Collins to receive a one-time annual reimbursement of up to $10 by turning in a rebate application (PDF) with proof of residents and purchase. Organic yard waste must be recycled with a legitimate organic waste center in order to qualify for the rebate. Completed applications can be dropped off at Windsor's Town Hall, 301 Walnut Street, which is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm and closed on weekends and holidays.

Sorted Materials Recycling Center Closes Permanently

After a long-term program evaluation, the Windsor Town Board made the decision made to permanently close the Sorted Materials Recycling Center located at the Public Services Campus, 922 N 15th St.

The decision to close the center was recommended  by Town Staff to the Town Board during a Work Session on March 30, 2020.

It was determined only four percent of residents utilized the service. “While this is a service some residents enjoy, it really isn’t serving the greater good,” Public Services Director Eric Lucas said during the March 30 work session. Closing the center will help the town save about $120,000 in annual operating expenses.

According to Lucas, the recycling center is not financially or environmentally sustainable. The cost to recycle has continued to increase, while the value of the recycled commodities have been in a steady decline.  

Residents are still encouraged to recycle and practice responsible waste disposal practices. Windsor residents are asked to utilize curbside recycling services for their day-to-day recycling needs. In-town providers include Bunting Disposal, Gallegos Sanitation, Waste Management and Ram Waste Systems. 

“The recycling center was never intended to replace curbside recycling,” said Lucas. “It was intended to support curbside recycling efforts.” Residents that have not already subscribed to a curbside recycling service, are encouraged to do so by contacting one of the local providers.

Local Recycling Providers

Bunting Disposal

Gallegos Sanitation

Ram Waste Systems

Waste Management