*The Recycling Center is closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 Virus*

Residential Sorted Materials Recycling Center

Public Works Facility
922 North 15th Street
Windsor, CO  80550

Hours of Operation (as of February 27, 2019):
Wednesday-Sunday, 9am to 4pm
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays

Windsor utility customers are welcome to use the recycling center with proof of residency. A copy of their Windsor Water Utility bill or a state ID or driver's license can be used. The site can no longer accept appliances or scrap metal. 

For more information contact the Facilities Manager.

Organic Yard Waste Rebate Program

Windsor Water Utility customers have the option of recycling organic yard waste with businesses such as A1 Organics in Eaton or Hageman's in Fort Collins to receive a one-time annual reimbursement of up to $10 by turning in a rebate application (PDF) with proof of residents and purchase. Organic yard waste must be recycled with a legitimate organic waste center in order to qualify for the rebate. Completed applications can be dropped off at Windsor's Town Hall, 301 Walnut Street, which is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm and closed on weekends and holidays.

Accepted Items

The following is a list of accepted and not accepted items organized by container. Your item may be listed as not accepted in one container, but may be accepted in another container. Materials sorted in bags must be removed before placing in recycling bins. Assistance for unloading is not available.


Glass Bottles / Jars
Food & Beverage Glass ONLY
Items not accepted: Corks, Lids, Candle Wax, Mirrors/Window Glass, Light Bulbs (LED or Fluorescent), Drinking Glasses, Dishes/Ceramics, Bakeware/Pyrex

Low Grade Paper

Paper Egg Cartons (not foam)
Packing Paper (brown)
Pizza Boxes (grocery store)
Paper Tubes
Cereal / Cracker Boxes
Single Layer Boxes
Phone Books
Gift Boxes
Wrapping / Tissue Paper
Blue Prints
Brown /Tab Envelopes
Items not accepted:  Napkins, Paper Towels, Pet Food Bags, Charcoal Bags, Fertilizer Bags, Plastic Lined Boxes, Waxed Paper/Coated Boxes, Styrofoam, Poster Board

Corrugated Cardboard

Cardboard Boxes
Brown Paper Bags
Pizza Delivery Boxes
Items not accepted: No Solid Wax or Single Layer Cardboard, Plastic Bags or Styrofoam


Office Paper
Shredded Paper
Junk Mail
Newspaper Inserts
Items not accepted: Foiled Backed Paper, Wrapping Paper, Styrofoam, Phone Books, Plastic or Paper Bags


Plastic Water Bottles
Metal Lids / Caps
Aluminum Cans
Steel / Tin Cans
Empty Aerosol Cans
Plastic Containers #1 - #7
Milk / Juice Cartons
Items not accepted: Glass, Styrofoam, Food Trays/Party Platters, Plastic Containers larger than 2.5 Gallons