Local Business Support

Here is some information for Business connections, we have the business directory to help you find a local business to do business with.  We have links to Business Events and programs to help you start or promote your business here at the Town of Windsor. Also provided is incentive information through the Town of Windsor and a link to the planning department for the planning processes. 

Business Events

Business Support and Programs

The following links  have the Town of Windsor Incentives and access to the planning department information.

Business Resource Guide

Part of the Economic Development departments role is to help in the start of new businesses in the Town of Windsor.  We have created the Small Business Resource Guide to help with information and guidance in starting a new business.  We have the electronic version of this guide here to help you get started in your new business. As always we are here to answer any questions or to possibly help your work through your ideas in regards to your new business. Enjoy the Guide through this link;

Small Business Resource Guide (PDF)