Retail Development

Here is some data and information resources to help with information and searches for your Business location in the Town of Windsor.

Demographics & Data 

The information provided for you here will give you more insight to the Town of Windsor demographics, and available resources.


The following links will show the latest State of Colorado traffic counts and the proximity to all the major highways in the area.

Planning and Development

Real Estate Search

The Town of Windsor has several locations for your retail business.  Our staff will gladly perform a search for you to find you an existing location or land to develop.  The Town of Windsor offers incentives for retailers on a case by case basis.  See possible Retail Sites.

Business Resource Guide

Part of the Economic Development departments role is to help in the start of new businesses in the Town of Windsor. We have created the Small Business Resource Guide to help with information and guidance in starting a new business. We have the electronic version of this guide here to help you get started in your new business. As always we are here to answer any questions or to possibly help your work through your ideas in regards to your new business. Enjoy the Guide through this link;

Small Business Resource Guide (PDF)