Flood Mitigation

Flood mitigation is important. Most people have been affected by natural hazards in some way. While hazards cannot be prevented from occurring, mitigation planning focuses on reducing the impact of potential disasters.  Ongoing maintenance to existing creeks, ditches, and stormwater drainage systems are vital to maintain the hydraulic performance of the drain. Developing and reviewing a regular maintenance schedule for flood prone areas can provide significant benefit during seasonal rains. Several flood mitigation projects are included in the town’s 5-year Capital Improvement Project.

John Law Ditch Project

The John Law Ditch Flood Mitigation Project is located near the intersection of CR 21 and SH 392.This project is designed to mitigate future damages due to flooding. The improvements include construction of a channel and box culverts capable of containing 10 year flood flows within the project boundaries. There are several environmental benefits of the project which include improving erosion control, reduced flood potential, protection of site assets, and improving the overall heath of the river. The improvements will also reduce the probability of road closures due to flooding at SH 392 and CR 21.

John Law Ditch

Eaton Ditch Flood Gate Project

During spring run off, the Poudre River often experiences flooding through Town. To help prevent flooding and road closures at 7th Street & Riverplace Drive, Town Engineers installed a flood gate.

This photo was taken on May 9th, 2015 at 6:49am when the flood gate was activated to prevent water from over-topping the intersection which kept the road open to traffic.

7th Street