Sales Tax & Business Licensing

The Town of Windsor is a home rule municipality. Complete Sales and Use Tax regulations can be found in the Windsor Municipal Code Chapter 4 - Revenue and Finance, Article III - Sales and Use Tax.

The Town of Windsor lies within two taxing districts - Weld County and Larimer County. To locate a street address within those counties, see Windsor Information and Navigation Gateway (WING).

Windsor sales tax rate is currently 3.65% regardless which county the Windsor address is located in. The Windsor sales tax rate is in addition to, State of Colorado and Larimer County sales tax. Weld County currently has no sales tax. Larimer County and State of Colorado sales and use tax rates can be found online or by calling 970-494-9805. Per Windsor Municipal Code Sec. 4-3-510, Sales Tax Returns are required even when there is no tax due.

Online Business License & Sales Tax Filing

Town of Windsor Finance uses an online portal for business licenses and sales tax filing. The platform is hosted at Windsor MUNIRevs 

To gain online access to an existing business, contact to receive an account number and activation code.

To register a new business, complete the registration process at Windsor MUNIRevs  

Carryout Bag Fee Information and Return

Information regarding the Colorado Mandated Carryout Bag Fee Carryout Bag Fee Information 

Carryout bag fee returns and payment are due on the 20th day of the month following the reporting quarter Carryout Bag Fee Return

Carryout Bag Fee Exemption

At their March 13, 2023 meeting Windsor Town Board adopted an ordinance to exempt sales/use tax on carryout bag fees, retail delivery fees, and personal hygiene products purchased within town limits. Personal hygiene products include incontinence products, diapers and period products. The ordinance became effective on March 23, 2023. To read the full text of the updated code, visit the town’s Municipal Code page.

  1. New Business Requirements
  2. Special Event Requirements
  3. Mobile Vendor Requirements

Per Windsor Municipal Code Sec. 4-3-310, and Sec. 6-3-20 all businesses who conduct retail/wholesale sales and all businesses who only perform services to the public must obtain a license. 

The annual cost of the license can be found on the Town of Windsor Fee Schedule and expires one (1) year from date of issuance. Business may not be conducted until an approved Business/Sales Tax License is obtained. Please allow ten (10) business days for processing and approval.

For additional questions, see the FAQ's section or contact Sales Tax/Business License.