Employee PRIDE

Town employees display outstanding dedication

We aim to provide our community with a high level of service and dedication. Our more than 200 full-time, part-time and seasonal employees strive to embody our core values: Producing Results, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication and Exceptional Service (PRIDE). 

Each of the individuals featured here are recipients of at least one of our 2016 employee recognition awards, a result of a peer nomination for displaying one or more of our core values and going above and beyond normal job responsibilities.

These faces represent the high-caliber employees who serve our community and commit to making Windsor a great place to call home.

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PRIDE of Windsor: Tara Fotsch

The PRIDE of Windsor is the town’s most prestigious employee recognition award and is distributed annually to an employee that best exemplifies our core values.

Tara Fotsch, manager of recreation, was named the 2016 PRIDE of Windsor award recipient for her exceptional leadership, including her stewardship of the Community Recreation Center expansion project.

“Tara sets the bar high,” said Recreation Supervisor and nominator Luke Bolinger. “To be responsible for bringing the $16-million expansion project to completion is a task few could handle, but Tara did so without breaking a sweat. Her integrity and dedication are unmatched.”

Ken Breneman

Breneman, Ken - ENG.jpg

Justin Brunner

Brunner, Justin - PRC.jpg

James Chubb

Chubb, James - PRC.jpg

Natalie Cuellar

Cuellar, Natalie REDO - PD.jpg

Chris Darcy

Darcy, Chris - PD.jpg

Chris Dempsey

Dempsey, Chris - PW.jpg

Billy Frieda

Frieda, Billy - PD.jpg

Eric Goldsberry

Goldsberry, Eric - PW.jpg

Caitlin Heusser

Heusser, Caitlin - PRC.jpg

Rhonda McCracken

McCracken, Rhonda - IT.jpg

Brent Hogsett

Hogsett, Brent - PD.jpg

Judy Morris

Morris, Judy - TC.jpg

James Johnson

Johnson, James - PRC.jpg

Renee Mullinex

Mullinex, Renee - PRC.jpg

Johnny Martinez

Martinez, Johnny - PRC.jpg

Andrew Stanger

Stanger, Andrew - PD.jpg

Ken Sterkel

Sterkel, Ken - PW.jpg

Cameron Utoft

Utoft, Cameron - IT.jpg

Robin Volner

Volner, Robin - TC.jpg

Bobby Warner

Warner, Bobby - PRC.jpg

Rob Winter

Winter, Rob - PW.jpg

Britt Zimdahl

Zimdahl, Britt - PRC.jpg
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