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Windsor completes Comprehensive Plan, a framework for the future

 Since 1990, Windsor has experienced unprecedented growth, nearly doubling in size each decade. The question arises: how does a municipality manage growth while maintaining quality services and infrastructure?

To help answer that, the Town Board, Planning Commission and Windsor staff set out to overhaul the town’s Comprehensive Plan, a document that guides growth and development decisions.

“The previous plan was adopted in 2006,” said Director of Planning Scott Ballstadt. “In the time between the 2006 plan and the newly adopted plan, Windsor experienced record residential development, doubled in population and saw new commercial and industrial developments evolve. It was time for an update, and the plan itself recommends periodic revisions to reflect changing conditions.”

The process for crafting the 186-page document was extensive and included a citizen advisory committee, online and in-person community feedback sessions, stakeholder group interviews, and staff research and planning.

“We conducted an extensive public outreach process and received valuable input from the community that informed our goals and policies,” Ballstadt said. “The resulting new Comprehensive Plan goes into greater detail than previous versions and includes more specificity with regard to implementation.”

The Comprehensive Plan provides a 15-20-year long-range vision, outlining a framework for land use, vehicle and pedestrian flow, environmental resources, industrial and commercial development, downtown investment opportunities, and more.

Used in conjunction with other town planning documents, the Comprehensive Plan helps guide and inform town decisions.

“For example, whenever development proposals or other decisions regarding land use come before the Planning Commission and Town Board, staff recommendations are based upon the Comprehensive Plan goals and policies,” Ballstadt explained.

The living document promotes thoughtful, planned growth that looks to maintain our core values and key characteristics despite expansion.

“Windsor is a great community and a very desirable place to live. That’s a big reason why we’re experiencing such rapid population growth,” Ballstadt said. “We look to maintain the quality of life and ‘small town charm’ through the Comprehensive Plan, preserving the Windsor everyone knows and loves.”

For more information on the Comprehensive Plan, including the full document and a Dashboard Reference guide, visit the Comprehensive Plan page.

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