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Town Board develops 2016-18 Strategic Plan

Every two years, Town Board members partner with the community and town staff to set a new course for Windsor through the Strategic Plan.

“The Strategic Plan allows the community to see what our focus is,” said District 1 Representative and Mayor Pro Tem Myles Baker. “It sends a message to our community and our constituents on what our priority is as a Town Board and what we’ve directed staff to focus on.”

Town Board uses the Strategic Plan as a guidepost for decision making, as well as an accountability tool for the community.

“It’s one of four parts of checks and balances that make sure we’re on track,” said Christian Morgan, District 2 representative. “The Strategic Plan is used in conjunction with our Comprehensive Plan and our vision and mission statements. Everything we do should be run through these four filters to ensure it is what the community wants.” 

The board spent countless hours gathering feedback and analyzing data, with a particular emphasis on community engagement throughout the process.

“We had the best community input that I’ve ever seen during my time on the board,” Baker said. “The community input really created the plan. We wouldn’t have come up with some of the ideas without that feedback.”

The result: four performance commitments and 10 initiatives. 

“We started with a huge list and narrowed it down. We wanted to make it big enough to last a couple of years, but not too big that we couldn’t get things done,” Baker said. 

“This year we were more forward thinking than in previous years,” he continued. “We have some nice short-term goals, like the Farmers Market, but also infrastructure and traffic-related items that position us for the future.” 

The initiatives weave together, forming a greater theme: smart growth.

“The strategic plan this year, more than ever, really looks at future growth — covering items like water, roads, and municipal broadband,” said District 6 Representative Ivan Adams. 

“I don’t think anyone’s convinced that we’re done expanding and growing,” agreed Morgan. “We’re maintaining for today, but designing and building for tomorrow.”

For more information on the 2016-18 Strategic Plan and for quarterly progress updates, visit our Strategic Plan page.
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