Metro Districts

Metropolitan districts are a type of Title 32 special district that, per State law, can be organized to provide any two or more of the following services:

1. Street improvements
2. Water facilities and services
3. Sanitation facilities and services
4. Park and recreation facilities
5. Traffic-related safety protection improvements
6. Transportation facilities and services
7. Television relay and transmission facilities and services
8. Mosquito control facilities and services

Metropolitan districts are established, typically by developers, to finance the infrastructure necessary to support a new subdivision. The functions of a metropolitan district can include both the construction and the ongoing operation and maintenance of public improvements.  A metropolitan district has various financial powers including the power to tax and/or assess fees for the services it provides and to issue tax-exempt bonds to help pay for public improvements. 
General Information
Windsor Municipal Code 
The Town of Windsor has established a policy for special districts which is located in Chapter 19 of the Windsor Municipal Code.  The policy addresses the approval or disapproval of special district service plans and any amendments to the service plans.    
Colorado Revised Statutes 
The State of Colorado provides statutory regulations for the organization, operation and dissolution of special districts within the state.  The regulations are located in Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.
Colorado Department of Local Affairs District Listings
The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is an agency which provides technical assistance and information to local governments.  DOLA also assists in the preparation, processing and publication of required local government filings.
Town of Windsor Official Records
The Town of Windsor provides an online portal to official town documents pertaining to special districts or metropolitan districts in Windsor. 
Model Service Plan (PDF)
The Town of Windsor developed a Model Metropolitan District Service Plan in 2015 that will serve as a guideline for metropolitan districts thereafter.