Advertisements & Sponsorships

The Windsor PRC Activity Guide is the perfect opportunity to showcase your local business, service or event to the Windsor community. 12,000 Activity Guides are produced and distributed in print, while the online version on Issuu garners around 20,000 online views each year. 

How do I sign up?

Use the signup form on our official Activity Guide Media Kit.
Activity Guide Advertising Rates                                                    Important Publication Date
Ad Size Single Issue Annual Agreement
(cost per issue)
Inside Cover $1500 $1200
Full Page $800 $650
Half Page $500 $400
Quarter Page $300 $250
Fall 2017    
Ad Space Reservation June 1
Ad Artwork Due July 1
Publication Release July 30
Summer 2017

Ad Space Reservation February 1
Ad Artwork Due March 1
Publication Release April 2

Spring/Winter 2018     
Ad Space Reservation October 1
Ad Artwork Due November 1
Publication Release December 3