Common Fraud and Scams

If you find you have been a victim of fraud or a scam, contact the Police Department to report it.

Below you will find several examples popular scams. Be cautious and use common sense to help avoid these situations.
  1. Credit/Loan
  2. Internet Fraud
  3. Disaster Relief
  4. Jury Duty

Advance Fees Paid for a Guaranteed Loan or Credit Card

If you are thinking about applying for a “pre-approved” loan or a credit card that charges an up-front fee, ask yourself: “why would a bank do that?” These scams are obvious to people who take time to scrutinize the offer. 

Remember: reputable credit card companies do charge an annual fee but it is applied to the balance of the card, never at the sign-up. Furthermore, if you legitimately clear your credit balance each month, a legitimate bank will often waive the annual fee. 

As for these incredible, pre-approved loans for a half-a-million dollar homes: use your common sense. These people do not know you or your credit situation, yet they are willing to offer massive credit limits.

Sadly, a percentage of all the recipients of their “amazing” offer will take the bait and pay the up-front fee. If only one in every thousand people fall for this scam, the scammers still win several hundred dollars. Alas, far too many victims, pressured by financial problems, willingly step into this con man's trap.
  1. Internal Revenue
  2. Lottery
  3. Item Overpayment
  4. Online Tickets
  5. Relative in Jail
You receive a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS or the Treasury Department saying that there is a warrant out for your arrest due to unpaid taxes. They tell you the debt can be cleared, and therefore the warrant voided, if you pay them immediately. You are directed to go to a grocery store and purchase a gift card or “green dot” card and call them back with the numbers. This will clear your debt and save you from the embarrassment of being arrested.

THIS IS A SCAM. The IRS will NEVER call you like this for unpaid taxes. You will always receive an official letter in the mail. In addition, they do not issue warrants for your arrest like this.