Transportation Master Plan

Image that shows branding for the Transportation Master Plan effort

The Windsor Town Board  adopted the Windsor  Transportation Master Plan  in Spring of 2020. This is Windsor's first multi-modal transportation master plan and is the result of numerous outreach events and meetings with the general public, stakeholders, Planning Commission and Town Board.

Final Transportation Master Plan (PDF)

Windsor’s growing economic base, location, and high quality of life have attracted a substantial amount of residential and commercial development over recent years. This growth has resulted in changes in transportation needs and a desire to ensure short-term action and a long-term vision for transportation. During the Summer of 2019, Windsor's staff worked with a team of transportation consultants to research and collect input from residents and business owners to help develop a master plan that will serve as a guiding document for the future of transportation throughout the Town of Windsor

Windsor’s Transportation Master Plan:

  • Forms a vision for multi-modal transportation in the long-term
  • Identifies implementable, high priority action items for the short-term
  • Builds off the 2017 Roadway Improvement Plan
  • Supplements the Roadway improvement Plan with multi-modal analysis and recommendations
  • Designates a connected, efficient, and comfortable network for bicycling, walking and vehicles
  • Prioritizes certain modes in corridors where all modes may not be viable.

Related Documents

Documents that have helped create the Transportation Master Plan include:

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Phase I
Phase II Public Input November through December
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Plan Review in January 2020
Plan Adoption in March 202