Roadway Improvement Projects

Larimer County Road 5 Traffic Flow Improvement Project

Starting August 2020, town contracted roadwork will begin on Larimer County Road 5 (LCR 5) near Highway 392. These road updates are designed to improve traffic flow along LCR 5 in areas currently susceptible to regular traffic congestion.

The project will service LCR 5 by:

  • Increasing road capacity to two lanes in each direction.
  • Constructing two multi-lane roundabouts at congested intersections.
  •  Installing new, dedicated bike lanes serving each direction of traffic

Additionally, the town will use this improvement project as an opportunity to install infrastructure such as water delivery, storm drain and sewage piping as well as other utilities that will serve local residents. 

Closure & Detour Information

During the project, LCR 5 will be closed between LCR 32E and Highway 392. Access to LCR 5 by way of Oakmont Drive in the Ptarmigan subdivision will also be closed. LCR 32E (Jacoby Road) will be closed to through traffic starting at LCR 3. Detours will be posted and the commuting public will be encouraged to follow alternative routes. 

Prior to the LCR 5 closure, a new section of Westgate Drive that is currently under construction will be complete and will serve as a bypass road for traffic wanting to detour around the LCR5 closure. The new connection will extend from its current location to LCR 5 at LCR 32E.

Ptarmigan residents will retain access to Hwy. 392 by way of Highland Meadows Parkway. East access to Ptarmigan by way of LCR 3 will remain open as well.  

CR 5 Traffic Map


Roundabouts allow for a constant flow of traffic through busy intersections. For this project, two multi-lane roundabouts will be constructed on LCR 5: one located at Oakmont Drive and LCR 5 and the other located at the intersection of LCR 5 and LCR 32E. 

According to the Federal Highway Administration, roundabouts cost less to maintain compared to an average stoplight and there are shorter wait times due to vehicles yielding at intersections instead of waiting at stoplights. There are also eight points of conflict in a roundabout compared to the 32 points of conflict found in a stoplight intersection, which reduces the risk of serious traffic accidents. 

Project Timeline

Weather permitting, the project will begin the second week of August and is expected to take three and a half months to complete. 

For more information about the project, contact Civil Engineer Doug Roth at 970-674-2435 or by email at 

State Highway 392 Widening Project

This project will increase the capacity of the State Highway 392 (SH 392) and (LCR 5) intersection on the north, west and east legs of the intersection.  

The SH 392 improvements will include:

  • Eastbound and westbound right-turn lanes at LCR 5
  • A westbound through lane between Highland Meadows Parkway and Westgate Drive
  • An eastbound through lane between Westgate Drive and LCR 5
  • An eastbound through/right-turn lane between LCR 5 and REA Parkway
  • Bike lanes installed between Westgate Drive and LCR 5.  

Closures & Detour Information

LCR 5 will be closed and under construction from SH 392 to LCR 32 E. SH 392 and southbound LCR 5 will remain open to through traffic.

Project Timeline

Construction is anticipated to start by fall of this year, pending design approvals from the Colorado Department of Transportation.  Construction is likely to carry into 2021.

For more information about the project, contact Engineering Manager Omar Herrera at 970-674-2437 or by email at