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SeeClickFix is a request and work management application that provides residents and business owners with a way to submit non-emergency service requests, compliments or concerns to Town of Windsor staff and officials. 

About the SeeClickFix Reporting Tool

Once a request is submitted, staff members receive and try to respond within two (2) business days (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). If you provide contact information, you’ll receive updates throughout the solution process.

In the form below, choose a request category that most closely resembles your request. Once you’ve chosen a category, SeeClickFix will guide you to submit basic information that will help us speedily resolve the issue.

All requests submitted are visible on the geolocation map and anyone can tell if a request has been made — saving everyone time and providing for additional accountability.

​Contacting Town Board

You can use SeeClickFix as a tool to contact the Town Board. Simply go to the category below labeled "Contact Town Board" and you can fill out the form.

SeeClickFix is for non-emergency requests. In the event of an emergency, dial 911. To report a non-emergency crime, fill out our Non-emergency Crime Reporting Form. For after-hours utility or street issues (water line leaks, water main breaks, road safety issues, etc.), call 970-674-5415.

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