About the Program

Mission: Our mission is to build a spirit of community service in the Town of Windsor.

What does a 'spirit of community service' mean to us?

We envision a Town of Windsor where citizens are active, invested, and involved in their community. Our town is shaped by its citizens, who contribute their time and skills to create positive change. People can count on their community in hard times because lending a hand is a shared value.

Volunteers take an active role in building the community that they wish to be a part of. We can’t wait to see the positive change that you bring to our community!

What can I expect as a Town of Windsor Volunteer?

The Town of Windsor’s Volunteer Program seeks to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for our residents. Whether you want to learn a new skill, meet new friends, stay active, or support a cause you believe in, we hope that you find what you are looking for in our Opportunity Directory.

When you volunteer for the Town of Windsor, you can expect to engage with one of our many departments. You will learn more about the Town of Windsor’s efforts to provide excellent experiences to residents, and you will find out how you can contribute.

What is expected of Town of Windsor Volunteers?

For detailed information about policies, procedures, and the code of conduct, please refer to the Volunteer Handbook.

For summarized information, please refer to the Volunteer Handbook Quick Guide.

Can I create my own experience?

Yes! Please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator to arrange a volunteer opportunity that is right for you if:

  • You are an organized group, such as a company, church, or club, and you would like to volunteer together at an event.
  • You are a student, and you need to fulfill volunteer requirements.
  • You are interested in taking a leadership role as a volunteer.