Severe Winter Storms

Winter storms create a higher risk of car accidents, hypothermia, frostbite, carbon monoxide poisoning, and heart attacks from overexertion. Blizzards can bring extreme cold, freezing rain, snow, ice and high winds.

  • Prepare your home to keep out the cold with insulation, caulking, and weather stripping.
  • Include warm clothing and blankets in your emergency supply kits.
  • Create an emergency supply kit for your car. Include jumper cables, sand, a flashlight, bottled water, and nonperishable snacks.
  • Limit your time outside. If you need to go outside, wear layers of warm clothing.
  • Avoid driving. If you are trapped, stay in your vehicle.
  • Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Only use generators and grills outdoors and away from windows. Never heat your home with a gas stovetop or oven.
  • Take refuge with family or friends if your home loses power or heat for more than a few hours, or if you do not have supplies to stay warm in your home overnight.
  • Check on neighbors. Older adults and young children are more at risk in extreme cold.

The Town of Windsor Public Services team responds to winter storms by providing the traveling public with the safest driving surface possible in an efficient and economical way with resources available to the Town of Windsor during snowstorms. Each winter storm has its own characteristics with variable conditions.

The town strives to remove snow and ice from Windsor roadways as quickly and efficiently as possible while keeping roads open and essential traffic moving. This does not mean bare and dry pavement should be expected after each snowstorm. The town’s Public Services team has information about their snow removal priorities, including a frequently asked questions section, on their website. The goal of snow and ice operations is to return road surfaces to safe winter driving conditions as soon as possible.

For general resources about planning and safely responding to a severe winter storm, refer to FEMA’s “How to Prepare for a Winter Storm” digital book.