Parks and Open Space Division

The Parks and Open Space Division is responsible for parks, trails, rights of way, the Lakeview Cemetery, and open spaces within the Town. This division evaluates development plans to ensure that Parks, Recreation & Cultural needs are addressed.

Master Plan Documents:

How the Colorado Lottery helps Windsor Parks & Trails

The Town of Windsor receives Conservation Trust Fund dollars from the State of Colorado. These funds are generated by the sales in the Colorado Lottery. Additionally, the Town has received grants for various programs through Great Outdoors Colorado, also funded with Colorado Lottery revenues. Many areas throughout Colorado have been preserved or developed with assistance from the Colorado Lottery.

Windsor Lottery Locations:
Poudre River Initiative – 2012 (partner)
Our Lands, Our Future: Larimer County Regional Study – 2012 (partner)
River Bluffs Open Space and Hwy 392 Underpass: Larimer County –  2011 (partner)
Windsor Trail – Greeley No. 2 Canal – 2011
Windsor Charter Academy Playground – 2010
Chimney Park Re-Create– 2009
Boardwalk Park Boundless Playground – 2008
Windsor Trail – Windsor Lake – 2005
Eastman Park Skatepark – 2003
Diamond Valley Community Park – 2000

Windsor Parks, Recreation, Trails, and Open Lands Master Plan

The following documents include future plans for the Parks, Recreation and Culture's Trails & Open Spaces, which includes neighborhood access, trail systems, open space plans, and a walkability map.