Town Board Members

The Windsor Town Board is comprised of a Mayor and six Board members. The Mayor is elected at large for a term of four years. Board Members are elected on a non-partisan basis for a term of four years, one from each of six voting districts.

The Mayor Pro Tem is chosen from among the entire Town Board and serves a term of two years.
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How to Contact a Town Board Member
  • Email all Town Board members via this contact form
  • Email one Town Board member by clicking on their name
  • Directly by their phone number
  • Mail for the Town Board may be addressed to: 
    Town Board 
    301 Walnut St.
    Windsor, CO  80550
Melendez, Kristie - Mayor_web2
Mayor Kristie Melendez
Elected: April 2016
Term Exp.: April 2020
Ph: (970) 215-5495
Baker, Myles - District 1_web2
Myles Baker
District 1
Mayor Pro Tem
Elected: April 2016 
Term Exp.: April 2020
Ph: (714) 924-4672
Scheuerman, Cindy - TB District 2_web
Cindy Scheuerman
District 2
Appointed: June 2017
Term Exp.: April 2018
Ph: (970) 590-6864
Bennett, Ken - District 3_web2
Ken Bennett
District 3
Elected: April 2016
Term Exp.: April 2020
Ph: (970) 686-7519

Rennemeyer, Paul -District 4_web2
Paul Rennemeyer
District 4
Appointed: May 2016 
Term Exp.: April 2018
Ph: (303) 748-0706
District 5

Adams, Ivan - District 6_web2
Ivan Adams
District 6
Elected: April 2012
Term Exp.: April 2018
Ph: (970) 674-8969