Capital Improvement Projects

Every year, the Town of Windsor's major projects are budgeted in the town's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Projects are generally sorted into five separate categories that are based on the type of project: Transportation, Water, Sewer and Stormwater, Parks and Trails, Facilities, and Street Maintenance. Additionally, some projects are a part of a larger High Impact Area, areas that have been identified as having a significant impact to the public, either during construction, for the services they will provide, or because of their financial impact.

The descriptions and statuses of all Capital Improvement Projects can be viewed on Project Connect.

The Capital Improvement Projects Storymap gives you an in depth look of the impact areas for each of these projects.

High Impact Areas

Five areas across Windsor have been identified as High Impact Areas, meaning that the scope of the project or projects in that area have met certain criteria. These criteria include, but are not limited to: fiscal impact, priority level, impacts to the public (i.e. infrastructure, traffic impacts, etc.) and more.

Learn more about the five high-impact areas in this year's Capital Improvement Plan and the projects occurring in those areas on our High Impact Areas summary page.