Stormwater Maintenance

Windsor Stormwater Maintenance ensures the stormwater systems are properly planned, constructed, and maintained within the Town of Windsor. It provides overall stormwater management to prevent flooding and protect water quality for the Town of Windsor residents and recreational areas.

See something, say something. If you see a spill or illegal dumping in gutters, storm drains, in or near our lakes, rivers and ditches, report it or call 970-674-5400.
What is Stormwater?
Stormwater is runoff from precipitation (rain, melting snow or ice) that flows across the ground and off of rooftops and pavement. It can combine with sprinkler and irrigation runoff and easily picks up and carries with it dirt, oil, pet waste, soaps, trash and other pollutants and drains into storm sewers. Storm sewers are the drains located on street corners and low points on the sides of town streets. These drains all lead to our local waterways and bodies of water.
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