Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is one of the most visible aspects of the Storm Drainage Division. Citizens and the traveling public can all benefit in several ways from a successful street sweeping program. Clean streets and gutters not only give our town a clean and well kept appearance, they help to reduce traffic accidents and air pollution caused by dirt and debris accumulations.

It is important to sweep up as much dirt and debris as possible to prevent pollutants and sediment from entering the storm water system and eventually into local waterways.  A successful sweeping program helps to keep the town in compliance with the federally mandated Clean Water Act.  Annually, the Town hauls approximately 200 cubic yards of dirt and debris from street sweepings to the landfill.  This does not include the leaves that are swept up during the fall leaf sweeping season.
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The Storm Drainage Division operates one mechanical type sweeper full time throughout the year, and one air operated vacuum type sweeper during leaf season. The town is divided into sweeping districts and each district is swept on an as needed basis. Old Town Windsor and areas where there are larger mature trees are swept several times each week during leaf season. The downtown district is swept approximately 20 times each year during the early morning hours, before cars begin parking at local businesses. Sweepers cover over 300 curb miles of street each year. Other sweeping responsibilities include sweeping of parking lots, citizen complaints, traffic accidents, debris spills in the roadway, and special events.
How You Can Help
Windsor residents can help by removing vehicles off the street if you see a sweeper in the area. Please keep trash cans, basketball hoops & other sports equipment, and other obstructions out of the street. It is also helpful if citizens keep trees branches and small brush trimmed back so the sweeper can sweep the curb line.
Leaves, Grass Clippings and Debris
As a reminder, it is illegal to place trash, branches, and debris in the street. It is also illegal to blow or rake grass clippings and leaves into the street.  The sweeper cannot pick up large debris and piles of leaves.  The leaves that fall into a resident’s yard are their responsibility to pick up.  This falls under Littering in Chapter 7, Article 2 Section 7-2-30 of the Town of Windsor Municipal Code.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in keeping Windsor streets clean.