Public Works


The Town of Windsor Public Works Department oversees the management of the town’s water, sewer, storm drain and transportation systems, along with maintenance of public areas. The Public Works Department’s projects and services are vital to the community's growth, health, safety, comfort and quality of life.


  • Monitors approximately 700 million gallons of water that flows into the town from outside providers each year.
  • Operates a 2.8-million-gallon per day wastewater treatment facility. 
  • Maintains 208.34 miles of streets in Windsor.
  • Operates a fleet of snow removal equipment, including six snow plow dump trucks, each equipped with sanders; one-ton pickup; five 3/4 pickups; two four-wheel drive tractors, one with snow blower; one motor grader; one front-end loader; and two backhoes.
  • Develops an oversight and reinvestment program for infrastructure in the town's older areas and provides a capital budget plan for streets,
  • Responsible for the structural and systems maintenance and custodial needs of all town facilities,
  • Oversees the Sorted Materials Recycling Center,
The Public Works Department consists of the following divisions: