Why do I have to pay a stormwater fee every month?
The Town of Windsor adopted a Master Drainage Plan in 2003. The plan identified $15 million of major drainage improvements that need to be made with Windsor’s Growth Management Area. The Town Board decided that the Master Drainage Plan is in the best interest of health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Windsor and provides an adequate, justifiable and reasonable basis upon which to assess a Monthly Basin User Fee. The Monthly Basin User Fee is applied equitably to every developed lot within Windsor based on the size of the property and the percent of impervious surfaces within the property.

The fee is to pay for the operation, maintenance, administration and routine functions of the existing Town stormwater drainage facilities and for the design, right-of-way acquisition and construction or reconstruction of such existing and future stormwater drainage facilities. Sometimes a development owns and maintains some of the localized stormwater related infrastructure. In any case, the Town of Windsor has oversight of all facilities within the Town limits. In other words, whether a facility is privately owned or not, the Town is here to see that it operates properly, so as to not adversely affect downstream properties. If it doesn’t the Town may have to step in with enforcement action. The fact that some developments have privately owned facilities helps keep the monthly drainage fee lower than it otherwise would be.

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