Who owns what utilities and who do I call?

If a problem arises, it helps to know who owns the wires and pipes in and around your home or business. Electric and Natural Gas: Depending on where you live, Xcel Energy or Poudre Valley REA owns, maintains, installs, reads and tests all equipment. Xcel Energy: 800-895-4999 Poudre Valley REA: 800-432-1012 Water and Sewer Lines: The town owns, operates and maintains all water mains and the pipes to the meter pit or curb stop, whichever comes first. The homeowner owns the pipes to the house and inside the house. Sewer lines are the property of the homeowner to the point of connection with the Town of Windsor sewer main. For questions, call 970-674-5400. Telephone and Cable: Telephone and cable lines are installed, owned and operated by the companies providing the service to the connection with your home. You are responsible for the lines inside the house. If you have questions, call your service provider. Utility Billing: Town of Windsor Water / Sewer utility bills are due the 20th of each month. If you have questions regarding your water or sewer bill, please contact the utility billing office at 970-674-2403

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1. Who owns what utilities and who do I call?
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