When will the town plow my street?

The town’s Snow & Ice Control Plan has three priorities, explaining where the town starts snow plowing first. The plan is to return road surfaces to safe winter driving conditions as soon as possible within the limitations of this plan, our limited resources, and weather conditions. Staff will evaluate the weather conditions during each snowstorm and will dispatch snow removal crews to impacted areas as need. Priorities include arterial and collector streets, critical facilities — such as medical offices and the fire department — and our schools. Designated problem areas, such as hills, roundabouts and intersections, are also made a priority. It must be recognized that, although this plan sets general guidelines to be followed, each snowstorm has its own characteristics with variable conditions, such as air and pavement temperatures, wind speed and direction, precipitation rates and types, extreme temperatures, timing, duration, and traffic activity. This plan must remain flexible and take into consideration these variables.

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1. When will the town plow my street?
2. Will the town plow my cul-de-sac?
3. What snow and ice removal items are residents responsible for?
4. When will the town start snow and ice control operations?
5. Why do the plows cover over the areas I just shoveled, and am I responsible for those areas?
6. Who is responsible for clearing and maintaining sidewalks during a snow event?
7. What can I do if my neighbors never clear their sidewalks?
8. What can you do about ice that has build-up along curbs, gutters, and flow plans or is re-freezing over the sidewalk, in which are caused by shaded areas such as houses, trees and fences?
9. Who is responsible for clearing and maintaining trails during a snow event?
10. Why are only portions of the street plowed on residential streets?
11. Why do snow plows drive around town during a snow storm with their blades up?
12. How many miles of streets are plowed in the Town of Windsor?
13. How many pieces of equipment are used in the snow plowing effort?
14. What does the town put on the streets to melt ice and snow?
15. Why not plow to the center of the street?
16. Who do I call to report problems with snow removal?