When is Retail Sales Tax or Use Tax exempt?

Examples (not all inclusive) of Sales Tax and Use Tax exemptions may apply to:

- Government agencies;

- Public and Private schools grades K-12. This includes K-12 organizations whose proceeds are strictly used for the benefit of a K-12 school or K-12 school-approved student organizations group;

- Churches and entities organized for religious purposes; and

- Charitable Organizations holding a 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination from the IRS Department of the Treasury can claim exemption. A copy of the letter must be on file in Windsor Finance. *Not every charitable or civic organization qualifies for sales or use tax Exemption.

- Purchases of Motor Vehicles registered inside the Windsor city limits are exempt. The exemption does not apply to leases or rentals of a motor vehicles registered inside the city limits.

More information can be found under definitions of “Charitable Organization” in Chapter 4 of the Windsor Municipal Code or call 970-674-2486.

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