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Park Shelter Request Form

  1. This form is ONLY an APPLICATION until approved by the Windsor Parks and Recreation Department and a permit is issued.

    Please allow 3 business days for this application to be reviewed and/or approved. Permits will be issued on a first come-first serve basis for the current calendar year beginning on the first working day of each year.

    You may reserve a park shelter immediately over the phone by calling 970-674-3500.

    Shelter Permits require a $50 or $60 non-refundable fee per shelter per day. See prices below.

    You will be contacted by the Windsor Parks and Recreation Scheduling Coordinator via phone and/or email to confirm reservation and payment.

    All organized groups need to fill out a Park/Shelter request form even if not using a shelter to help the Windsor Parks and Recreation Department track usage.

    Please be advised that parks are public space and may not be blocked from public use. Only shelters may be reserved for private use.

  2. Before you complete your shelter rental, please review the following questions. If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, your event might be considered a "Special Event" and requires a separate form:

  3. Is the anticipated attendance 100 or more people?*

  4. Will there be alcohol consumption or sales?*

  5. Will you have vendors at the event who are selling goods or services (like a yoga class)?*

  6. Will you be using amplified sound, other than a small, personal speaker for announcements?*

  7. Will your event close or change the traffic pattern of a street or alley?*

  8. Will your event impact the public use of a park or natural resource?*

  9. Will you be using any temporary structures, like tents (larger than 10x10), bleachers, blow up structures or stages?*

  10. Shelters may be rented from 9:00am - 10:00pm

  11. Location or Area Requested*

  12. Restrooms

    Please note that unheated park restrooms will not be open if temperatures are consistently below freezing. Please call 970-674-3500 if you have questions on accessibility of park restrooms.

  13. Will you be requesting a portable gas grill OVER 200 square inches with a container more than 1 lb.?*

  14. The permit holder and all persons in his organization or group shall comply with the rules and regulations of the TOWN OF WINDSOR and the laws of the STATE OF COLORADO. Any violation thereof shall render permit void. In consideration of the granting of permit, the user, on behalf of himself and all individuals using the facility, agree to hold the Town of Windsor, its agents, officers and employees harmless from any injuries of whatever kind or nature resulting from the use of the named facility.

    Park regulations prohibit the following: 1. Glass containers 2. Vehicles and/or temporary structures such as tents with stakes, volleyball nets, horseshoe stakes, tie downs, etc., without a seven (7) day advance written approval from the Town of Windsor. Permission for temporary structures or vehicles must be requested in written detail. 3. Open fire prohibited (candles, torches etc.) 4. Portable charcoal grills of any size, or gas grills over 200 square inches and containers more than 1 lb. without reservation and approval of written request 5. Tents prohibited after 6:00pm 6. The use, possession, transportation or distribution of marijuana, in any form for any purpose 7. Permit must be in possession of user at all times and shall be shown to any official of the Town of Windsor upon demand.

    In addition, full strength beer and wine is permitted in our parks. Alcohol cannot be sold without a special events permit. Private events to which the public is not invited must comply with the Town of Windsor Noise Ordinance Article VI, section 10-6-10. Organized events and large groups (over 100) may require a special events permit. A special event permit is required if selling at retail, tangible personal property and services. Contact the Sales Tax Administrative Clerk at (970) 674-2786 for information on Municipal Code Article III, Section 4-3-10.

    Please be advised that parks are public space and may not be blocked from public use. Only shelters may be reserved for private use. Fees and/or regulations are subject to change.

    Cancellations due to inclement weather must be made to the Scheduling Coordinator prior to the reservation date. All attempts to reschedule will be made or a refund minus a $10.00 cancellation fee will be given. All other cancellations will forfeit the non-refundable fee.


    I herby certify that I am of at least 18 years of age, and have read and understand all of the provisions of this permit and all specifications under which it is issued and I further certify that I will personally advise all participants of these provisions prior to the event and as many times thereafter as may be required, to include advisement that violation may subject me and all participants to revocation of this permit and to be prosecuted under Town Ordinances and/ or state laws that are violated.


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